Last chance fan pricing for Two Wrongs Made Right – Ali Parker

Last chance fan pricing for Two Wrongs Made Right

I've had the best time writing this Not You Again series. Two Wrongs Made Right is the latest book in this series and is currently on sale. But unfortunately the fan pricing ends soon. 

Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"This book series just keeps getting better and better. I absolutely loved this one. I could not put it down. It's always the one who says it's not for them but hey read the book to find out."


"You need to read this book now. What a great story. Jude, a self made billionaire and McKinley, trying to make the best of a job she hates meet as part of the bridal party at a friend's wedding. The characters are very well developed from the first chapter. You feel the pain and joy as their relationship develops. Of course the bonus is McKinley's son who has such witty repartee all throughout the story. This is another must read stand alone in the "A Not You Again" novels."

"Ali Parker has done it again with a fantastic book. Wedding magic again! Jude and McKinley (Mickey) meet at his brother’s wedding. Their immediate attraction turned into a hook-up with a hilarious ending😂😂!"