Last chance to grab the Billionaire Alpha Boxed Sets on sale! – Ali Parker

Last chance to grab the Billionaire Alpha Boxed Sets on sale!


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"I'm a big fan of this author, and these books do not disappoint! There's humor, a little drama, likable, real personalities in the main characters, and steamy, well-written love scenes. Very romantic once the main characters get out of their own way. Not just smexy times with a few paragraphs in between - there's real story development, dual POVs, villains.....all the good stuff! Makes for a juicy, angsty ride where you can't help rooting for things to work out. I enjoyed every twist and turn that got them to their HEA. Highly recommend!" 

"Each story has a unique storyline and has you reading until the end. The first young woman in college that is barely getting by when her mother marries a billionaire. He offers to pay for her college but in return she has to intern at his company with his son as her boss! Unfortunately he’s hot and waiting to do as he wants and she has to do it! The second is an out a professor in college that makes a mistake with a student but trouble happens. Now he has to be careful. But he works with a nurse that he’s attracted to but trying to behave. But then he finds out she’s at the same college he’s at! Will the past be repeated? I have read these individually but love them in a box set!"

"The story is complicated and compelling and very enjoyable 😊 this is not a straight line story from point A to point B - this story is filled with twists and turns that compelled me to read it in one sitting."