Last chance to grab Rum Romance for 99¢… – Ali Parker

Last chance to grab Rum Romance for 99¢…

Jessica and I are thrilled that everyone has enjoyed the MacAllen series so much! It's gone by so fast, I can't believe it's coming to an end.

Thank you so much, to everyone who grabbed Rum Romance. 

If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, my 99¢ sale ends tonight! Grab your copy now. 

Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"This was a wonderful book. I just loved Mark and Piper together. So well written and entertaining. Can't wait to see if there is another book in this series. This was just as awesome as the ones before it and I highly recommend you read them all.”


"I can't believe the MacAllen boys series is coming to an end My heart is breaking. The family and ranch feel like they are right next door and I drop in mama May's kitchen for pie and coffee. Nothing like those sexy MacAllen boys to get you fired up. Great series. Enjoy them more by reading in order.”

"Oh I just loved Mark and Piper story!! I loved the connection they have together and how she was his first and her was waiting until he found someone special!! They had a few hiccup alone the way but they got their happy ever after!! I would recommend this book to everyone!”