Last Chance to get the Oh So Hot Box Set Two on Sale! – Ali Parker

Last Chance to get the Oh So Hot Box Set Two on Sale!

"This box set is a wonderful read from Ali, Jacob & Weston. All three stories have romances that have you rooting for the HEA. All three stories have young children who have witty personalities that having you smiling while you read. " 

"The three stories that are in this set are really great. I loved the first one about Madi and Channing meeting up again. It was sweet and hot! I liked the way they solved the issues and got their HEA. The second story with Marcos and Lily was cute. I found myself smiling at the way the story unfolded. It was tough waiting for the great ending. The third story was Willow and Ashton. It was hard to like Ashton in the beginning but he did grow on me. As the story went on I was rooting for him to get his HEA. All in all a great box set."

"Each story was awesome! Channing and Madi finding their way back together and their HEA! A single dad romance always steals by heart! And last but not least office romance is always steamy! Well written and fun to read! Highly recommend this box set!!!"