Last chance to grab The Parkers’ Fall in Love Box Set on sale! – Ali Parker

Last chance to grab The Parkers’ Fall in Love Box Set on sale!

Weston and I are overjoyed that you enjoyed our Parkers' Fall in Love Box Set. Thank you to everyone who grabbed this collection of our fall favorites. 

If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, our 99¢ sale ends tonight! Grab your copy now. 

Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"Ali and Weston are one heck of a team. This box set will melt your kindle and tug at your heartstrings. Each book is 5 plus star worthy, and you won’t want to put them down. Wonderful characters with excellent storylines. Just go ahead and one click this set because it is well worth it.”

"Heartfelt and smokin' hot! This is a great collection of standalones with something for every romance lover. Each book is a smexy, warm, loving, redemptive hug. I laughed, I cried, I fanned, I swooned. I loved every page, right to their perfect HEAs. I'm always gushing about the House of Parker, but seriously, they're the real one-click deal.”

"What a great Fall set of of the charts HOT characters and stories!!! Each one is just better than the last one!!!! Vert Highly Recommended, just don't start them before bed because you won't sleep until the very last page of the last book!!!!”