Last chance to grab New Year’s Affair on sale! – Ali Parker

Last chance to grab New Year’s Affair on sale!

Thank you to everyone who purchased and read New Year's Affair. It was such a joy to write this new book with my husband, Jacob Parker.

If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, out 99¢ sale ends soon! Grab your copy asap. 

Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"Your New Year read. Their meet cute isn’t so cute when Carter’s stuffy business persona meets Eve’s easy going DJ attitude. As they get to know each other sparks fly and they’re trying to figure out what’s going on between them.

The story peaks on New Years Eve and the HEA is heart warming and just a good holiday read!

This is the first collaboration for husband and wife Jacob and Ali Parker and I loved it!! Add this to your TBR for the new year!!”


"You will be surprised and awed by Ali and Jacob Parker’s enchanting, original story, the thoughtful, energetic characters, the beautiful romance, and the details that abound in planning such a large-scale endeavor in such a short period of time. New Year’s Affair has it all, so be prepared to fall in love with it.”

"Carter and Eve were opposites in every way imaginable. But their chemistry was crackling on New Year’s when the ball drops in Time Square. They definitely had their ups and downs and so many supportive people. They couldn’t fight their attraction to each other no matter how hard they tried and no matter how different they were. Jacob and Ali light up the pages with this sexy read. Hope to see more from this fun loving group of characters.”