Thank you so much to everyone who has fallen in love with my Billion Dollar Business series. It was so much fun to write Jax and Morgan's love story.

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Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"Morgan fell in love with Jax when they were in college however, she didn’t believe she could have the career she wanted and him. Years later they find themselves vying for the same contract and it soon becomes apparent that the only way they would be chosen is if they worked together.

Jax’s first and only love was Morgan, so he was hurt when she ended his relationship. He would have preferred to win the contract and show her how successful he is but when they find themselves working together will this be their second chance or are they destined for heartbreak once again?

The chemistry and connection between Morgan and Jax is stronger than ever but they will have to decide if what they share is worth fighting for."

"The previous two books asked me to start falling in love with these men, so before I even cracked the covers, I was already more than half in love with Jax. Discovering the vulnerable heart behind his swagger only pushed me over the edge all the faster. My opinion of Morgan was a lot more varied throughout the book, and it kind of all depended on what she was blaming Jax for at the time. Since this is a second chance romance and it’s got all the snark and spice of enemies to lovers, I was deeply invested in seeing these two find their way to Forever. Now, I can’t wait to see what causes the rest of their office mates to fall."

"Ali Parker does it again. She really knows how to make a story come off the page. Morgan & Jax have history all the way from college. They have now both become successful in their professions. The story takes you on a journey of insecurities and wonder of what could have been and what can be now. There is lots of heartbreak and miscommunication, but there is lots of joy in their story. HELL-O is aptly named. A good read..."