Last chance for A Holiday Love Affair – Ali Parker

Last chance for A Holiday Love Affair

I am so happy to have brought you another Bancroft and am loving all of the feedback on A Holiday Love Affair. The Bancroft's have such a special place in my heart.

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Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"I have absolutely adored every book in Ali Parker’s Bancroft Billionaire Brothers series, and this one is just as delicious and swoon worthy as the others. Her attention to detail, from Christmas traditions and decorations to culinary masterpieces, is one of the reasons she has such a devoted following. Readers have such vivid images in our minds because she invites us to be a shadow characters, feeling the hope, dreams, despair, insecurity, and happiness they experience. What a gift for all of us!"


"Ali has done it again! She has brought us another edition of the Bancrofts. I couldn’t put the book down! What is better than two former flames coming back together at Christmas time? I love the passion that Dane, who is a chef, brings to their relationship. He walks back into Ginger’s life and turns her world upside down. I love the tidbits of how the other Bancrofts are doing as well."

"Is there any better Christmas present the author could give me than a Bancroft holiday novel? I’m pretty sure there isn’t. Make it a second chance romance between these sniping, snarking former-lovers, and I’m happier than a cat with her own catnip farm. I was desperate to see Dane and Ginger reconnect the relationship they previously blew up, but there were times when I doubted if that really was the best outcome for the two of them. There was so much hurt and misunderstandings between them, I despaired of them ever recognizing the love they once had again. I was so happy when they were able to talk out everything that went wrong and each took ownership of their own poor actions. I adored getting to see all the Bancrofts again and I hate that the book’s over already and I have to let them go once more."

A Holiday Love Affair


Doesn’t everyone deserve forgiveness on Christmas?

My ex is the last person I want to see.

Especially here.

Without love in my life, I’ve poured myself into my career.

I don’t need anything else.

That’s what I thought.

Now she’s walking around my business and my head.

All. The. Time.

I can’t shake her or the way she makes me sweat with need.

The worst part?

She holds my fate in her hands.

One wrong word and she could destroy my reputation.

I might even deserve it after how I left her all those years ago.

But I’m not that guy anymore.

And she’s not that girl.

Maybe she’ll take mercy on me.

’Tis the season, after all.

This is a stand-alone, ending with a HEA.