Last Chance Fan Pricing Sleeping With The Enemy – Ali Parker

Last Chance Fan Pricing Sleeping With The Enemy

This is your last chance at Fan Pricing before Sleeping With The Enemy goes full price.

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Another hit from this author but I’ve come to expect only great stories from her. Tyson and Mae’s story was no different. It was so good and like always, the characters are so easy to love that you can’t help but get sucked into the book. Plus it’s a best friends little sister romance and those are always fun to read! Another one added to my collection from this author!!!!

Oh I just loved Tyson and Mae story!! I loved that he was her brothers best friend and they fell in love years earlier. They were so funny at times the way they argued. They had such a deep connection with each other!! I would recommend this book to everyone!

There is blazing hot chemistry that is combustive between Tyson and Mae. This story is full of angst, drama, chaos, mistakes, betrayal, and bad decisions. They do get the HEA they need. I give this 5 stars. ????? loved IT!!!