Last Chance Fan Pricing on Talk Dirty to Me – Ali Parker

Last Chance Fan Pricing on Talk Dirty to Me

This is your last chance, before Talk Dirty to Me leaves fan pricing.

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Ali Parker really rocks this story!!! Watching Vanny struggle daily with her body shame and comments from others strikes a chord with me and I'm so happy she was able to finally see herself add others do and find that one true person to prove it to her. This is an absolutely MUST READ!!!

OMG OMG OMG!! I loved this book so freaking much!! Ahhh I can’t even put into words how great I thought it was. This authors writing is superb and I honestly don’t think there is another author that compares (ok maybe her brother because he’s pretty great too ?). The storyline was so unique and I loved Vanessa and Rhys! Just read it, you won’t be sorry!!

The story was an emotional one which held my attention from beginning to end. Ali has written a truly moving tale about a fake relationship with characters who were very well defined.