Last chance Fan Pricing on Looking to Score – Ali Parker

Last chance Fan Pricing on Looking to Score

This is your last chance to get Looking to Score before goes up to full price.

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"Welcome back to Providence University where the college kids don't just party their time away but deal with some serious adult issues. I highly recommend this story where you witness these young adults grow into mature and responsible people. High five to Ali and Weston Parker for giving us a look into these college students lives. Looking forward for the next story of an unexpected couple and the featured sport."

"Loved Jacob and Emily’s story! He’s a soccer player and she’s a cheerleader at the university. The authors did a great job with the story and the characters themselves, I kind, were very likable. Even though Jacob is more the love me and leave em type (at first), I still really liked him. A great book and now to wait for the next one!"

​"Ali and Weston Parker's Looking to Score is an emotional roller coaster ride that gives the reader an escape from the everyday. I can’t wait for the rest of their friend circle (Jayce, Micah, Layla, Tasha) to get their own books."