Last Chance An Always You Box Set – Ali Parker

Last Chance An Always You Box Set

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"Him Again? is labeled as a girl’s bestie romance. I would call it a second chance at romance instead. However, it is not a typical second chance romance. The story of Ward and Jenny is crafted in a way where it feels as if Ali Parker wrote the story about a real life couple. In the middle of the drama and love, is a little girl who Ward puts first. Thank you for another masterpiece!" 

"I am a huge Ali Parker fan. She knows how to tell a story and keep the reader enthralled until the very end. This set of stories is no different. I love that you meet the characters in the first book and they are still a part of the story in all three books. The main focus shifts to different couples while keeping the characters' friendships going throughout the three books making them a cohesive series."

"Ali is such a wonderful story teller. Her books always pull me and I can't stop turning pages. This trilogy was no diff. The 3 stories are well written and the diff POV is one of my favorite styles of writing. It allows you to understand where both characters head space is. Another great read by Ali."