Look what people are saying about Not You Again… – Ali Parker

Look what people are saying about Not You Again…

Thank you for picking up the first book in my new series...NOT YOU AGAIN.

It's live and you can grab your copy now. 

Check out a few of my favorite Amazon 5 STAR reviews...

"Karson and Payton are totally opposites and must learn to work together on a project. He is her brother's best friend and her first real crush! The story is endearing and filled with twist and turns that draws you in and have you in Karson and Payton's corner to get their chance for finding love!”


"Payton and Karson were bridesmaid and best man at her brothers wedding a few years ago and it turned into a night they’d never forget. Payton has been crushing on Karson since he was the boy next door as kids. Now all these years later fate steps in and brings them together to work together in multiple different romantic cities. Feelings are caught and then they are forced to address the attraction the have for each other. This book was phenomenal.”

"Oh I just loved Karson and Payton story!! Who doesn't love a brothers best friend story!! He is her brothers best friend and they had one night at her brothers wedding and didn't see each other for years after that night! Then they met again because her company she works for pick the construction company he and his brother own to build the project they are working on!! I would recommend this book to everyone!”