Ladies’ Man Exposed – Ali Parker

Ladies' Man Exposed

A serial womanizer ghosted by the hottest woman he’s seen?

Yep. That’s my story.

There’s nothing I can’t do, and no one I can’t have.

Leaving women with a fake number after one hot night is my trick.

And yet… this girl bested me.

For the first time in a long time, I’m intrigued.

She snuck out in the middle of the night while my dumbass was sleeping.

If she was a guy friend, I’d high-five her for that move.

Her loss. Until it’s mine too.

Of all people to show up as a new marketing client for my firm, it’s this girl.

The one I can’t stop thinking about. The one that exposed me for my horrid ways.

Big problem though. Her father hates me. Good thing it’s his problem.

I might have been a bachelor spreading my wild oats before, but now I’m a one-woman man.

That is, if she’ll have me.