Killing Me Softly Release!!!! – Ali Parker

Killing Me Softly Release!!!!

KillingMeSoftly3teaser3Killing Me Softly is HERE!!!!!


Things are heating up and Vivian’s killer is closer than they think. With Freddy dead and Izzy & D soon to weather Joe’s wrath, things couldn’t be more toxic. At a time when they need to pull together, it would seem that everything is working to pull them apart. When everything comes to a head, Izabella is forced to choose between two of the men she loves, but in doing so… she could possibly lose them both.

What fans are saying:

“This book deserves a 10 stars rating. I was up until 3:00 AM because I could not put it down. Ali Parker was definitely in the Mafia during one of her past life’s. What a book.”

“Oh my goodness where to begin. This is my absolute favorite series. The twist that take place within the family will have you biting your fingernails in anticipation of what’s coming. The heat between D and Izzy will melt your panties and the secrets within the entire Castaletta family keeps you guessing who is the bad guy and who can be trusted.”

“I love this book and I can’t believe it’s ended where it has. In true Ali Parker style it’s a cliffhanger! I just love the chemistry between D and Izzy. Please don’t make me wait long for the next book.”

“WOW….. another absolute smasher of a book from Ali Parker and another brilliant instalment in the Castaletta series. It just keeps getting better and better! The last ending left m speechless and she has done it again……”


This is my favorite series. It’s gritty, sexy as hell and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It actually keeps ME on the edge of my seat – HA!

Make sure you grab book 1 for FREE right HERE!!

Don’t miss out on this journey, BUT PLEASE BE WARNED. It’s not for the faint of heart. There are curse words, rowdy situations, violence and lots of sexy scenes. If you enjoy reading that crazy stuff — enjoy. This book was a pleasure and a half to write.

Grab your copy. Less than a cup of coffee at the Starbucks! <3 <3 <3






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    i love this series…when is book 4 being released

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