Loving what you think of Janie – Ali Parker

Loving what you think of Janie

Thank you my friends for your lovely reviews. I'm so thrilled that you are as excited as me to see the Casanova guys again.

"I am so happy we got to see Jaine's story. I loved every minute of this book. It was romantic, there were funny moments and a little bit of drama. The chemistry between max and jaine seeped through the pages. I sat and read this all the way through with no breaks. Thank you Ali for adding jaine to your set."

"Loved Janie! I was so excited to see a new book in the series, that I had to buy it and read it immediately; even though I was in the middle of another book! I highly recommend that you read this series in its entirety. It's a series that stays with you years after reading it. I hope Ali writes about all the bachelor's lives!!"

"Oh I just loved Max and Janie!! They make such a wonderful couple!! They had their ups and downs along the way but they both loved each other! I love they got their happy ever after!! I would recommend this book to everyone!!"