Iris is now live! – Ali Parker

Iris is now live!

Iris is now live!

Check out some early reviews below...

"I am loving that we get to revisit this series and see happy endings for the rest of the Casanova bachelors. From the beginning of the series, Joshua has been one of my favorite characters. There was just something about the sweet artist that drew me in, and I’m so happy that he’s one of the first we get to know the rest of the story about. "

"Really enjoyed getting to know Joshua and Iris. They are so great together! The drama, suspense, and angst were just right for a page turning love story! Maybe we'll see more of Iris' friends? I can't wait for Levi's story!"

"The characters and storyline pulled you in from the first page and I couldn't put this book down as it was so addictive. I loved the connection and chemistry between them and it was so hot that you could feel it sizzling of the pages of this book. Ali Parker is an amazing author and writer and I definitely recommend you read this book and others by her and you will not be disappointed as she certainly knows how to keep her reader's attention."