Hot Summer Fling – Ali Parker

Hot Summer Fling

It’s rare I choose the bad girl in the group.

This time I got lucky. 

A spunky New Yorker with a beautiful body and interesting personality. 

I need a break from life in general and this girl is the perfect distraction. 

Her being in a different state might perfect for the fling I’m searching for.

Having just graduated from college with a Fine Arts degree, my billionaire father forces me into the banking industry.

Not willing to let anything get me down, I go after this new life with a vigor that says I was made for it. 

But truth be known, the more I work at being something I’m not, the more I crave someone to remind me of who I am. 

My pretty girl would be perfect for the job of loving me, but she’s pretty damn stubborn. 

No marriage. No babies. No future. 

Time to convince her otherwise. I’m good at just about everything, but at making her mine?

I’m going to figure out how to be great.