Shameless Southern Night #3– Hot and Handy – Ali Parker

Hot and Handy #3

Peace. That’s all I want.

But it’s not something I’m going to get anytime soon. Not after my father smeared our name all over the small town we run. 

The mystery around his imprisonment is someone else’s worry. I’m washing my hands of him. 

I have time for one thing – my mechanic shop. 

Until a beautiful single mom breaks down and needs some help. It’s my day off, but damn if she ain’t worth it.

There’s no use in keeping it all about business and nothing else. I’m too attracted to her for that lie. 

Her little girl has me wrapped around her fingers, and there’s nothing I won’t do to have both of them as my own. 

But the situation with my family puts her in immediate danger, and I have to ask her to do something that could possibly harm her and her little girl. I should walk away. 

I wish I were strong enough to.