His Many Rules Coming Soon! – Ali Parker

His Many Rules Coming Soon!

Release Day: January 15th

Never Again…

Love almost stole everything from me. My career being the worst possible loss.
I never should have bent the rules and dated a student.
And now finally, after years of being alone, a pretty nurse has my attention.
Caring, curvy, and so damn smart.
She has me pacing the floor at night and wishing for things I thought were long since gone.
Every part of me aches for a chance at stealing her breath, her heart, her body—forever.
But the joke’s on me.
She’s not just a nurse. She’s a student at the college where I work, and the past seems to replay itself over again before my eyes.
Only this time, it’s so much worse than before.
I put restrictions on myself to make sure I don’t have to suffer ever again.
Too bad she wasn’t aware of my rules.
Or maybe she was…