Him Again? Cover Reveal – Ali Parker

Him Again? Cover Reveal

A Girl's Bestie is back! Check out the cover reveal for Him Again? It's coming soon.


I should have known I’d run into him eventually.

But at our friend’s wedding with nowhere to hide?


I wish he didn’t look so good in a suit.

Or board shorts.

And come on. Nobody looks good in board shorts.

But he does.

Double ugh. And triple trouble.

We had our shot when we were young and in love, and what did he do?

He chose my ex best friend instead.

The kicker?

She’s at the wedding too, and like always, she has ulterior motives.

He’s also a single dad.

Guess who his baby momma is?

You got it.

The ex best friend.

After all that you’d think I’d know when to turn tail and run the other direction.

Except he’s not the boy he used to be.

And I’m not the same girl, either.

If I let him back in, I might get hurt.

If I don’t, I might regret it forever.

I already know what everyone is going to think.

Him again?