GIRL’S BESTIE #1 – THIS GUY? – Ali Parker

This Guy?

You can’t just use a girl and ghost her. But this guy did.

My roommate has some hot jerk lead her on and break her heart, but what he doesn’t count on is me.

I’m tired of seeing her hurt, so it’s my turn to play ball with his heart.

This guy is going to fall in love with me and then poof—I’ll leave him dizzy in love and wondering how he’ll survive without me.

The jerk needs a taste of his own medicine. The only problem?

Holy hell is he fine. Like drool and stare fine.

Of course he’s not just any regular dude. He’s gotta be rich, talented, and swoony.

I’m in trouble.

I thought I would take him for a ride, but I wasn’t ready for this guy.