Getting Schooled – Ali Parker

Getting Schooled

It was a one-night stand five years ago. 

As much as I hated myself for thinking about Emelia, I couldn’t help it. 

But she left town and life went on. 

I married someone else and started living. 

I thought we were both happy. I was wrong. 

My ex-wife walked out on me and our son, not wanting domestic anything. 

So I did the only thing I could. 

I started over. 

A single dad with my focus on my boy and my job teaching kiddos. 

Until Emelia came back to town and got a job teaching at my school. 

Then everything changed. 

All those memories came rushing back in. 

What we were supposed to be if that one night had turned into more. 

Beautiful. Clever. Funny. With a body made for loving and a heart of gold.

I didn’t know what had been missing from my life until I kissed her again.


But she has a secret from our night together that threatens to change everything. 

Seems I don’t have just one son. 

I have two.