Forgotten Bodyguard Box Set Sale – $0.99 (This week ONLY!) – Ali Parker

Forgotten Bodyguard Box Set Sale – $0.99 (This week ONLY!)

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I’m SO excited about this week’s sale. I LOVE my Forgotten Bodyguard characters. The book was originally a standalone, and we got such a GREAT response from it that I pulled it down and made it into a 3 book series. We had a few great ad companies pick up the box set, and I’m thinking we might just hit #1 in the Amazon paid stories. Fingers crossed. It’ll happen tomorrow if it happens. 🙂

That being said, I’d LOVE for you to grab a copy of the set for yourself. I’m trying to make a run for the USA Today list, but I need an ungodly amount of purchases, so I’m NOT holding my breath, but stranger things have happened. Like Jacob Starkey loving me. LOL!!

OH – and I’m having a HUGE Facebook party tonight for this and to kick off 2017. There’s a large GIVEAWAY in there from me for picking up a copy of this box set. Some Amazon dollars and a handful of physical novels that we’re handing out for our winners. Don’t miss out!


Okay – the details, and thanks in advance for your support!!! Means everything to us.

$0.99 sale from Jan 16 – Jan 22nd! Limited Time Only.

Grab my best selling Forgotten Bodyguard series and enjoy… (Book 1 – 90 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon)

There was only one rule.
Don’t touch her.
But what if she begs for it?