Forgotten Bodyguard – Book 2 – Ali Parker

Forgotten Bodyguard - Book 2

It's hard to tell a bad boy to keep his hands off the hottest asset under his watch... especially when she wants those hands all over her.

After having Chloe sacrifice herself for Ian and watching him walk away, she's devastated. Her father's more than happy to assign a new bodyguard and she's more then thrilled to provide the man with his own personal version of hell. 

With Jeremy still on the loose, Ian's keeps as close as the restraining order Senator Moore will allow him to. When question arise about the Senator's involvement in ruining Jeremy's life, Chloe's safety is once again threatened, and Ian comes charging in - rules be damned. 

In the cut throat game of politics, sacrifices must be made to achieve success. 

This time it might just be too much though...

This is book 2 in a 3 book series. A cliffhanger is inevitable. All 3 books are available.