Final Chance for Fan Pricing – Ali Parker

Final Chance for Fan Pricing

Hey friends, is your final chance to get Outta My League before goes up to full price.

Check out what people are saying about Outta My League...

"The Parker duo have outdone themselves with this offering. It is wonderfully sweet, sexy, full of witty banter and humor, emotional and angsty. They just didn't have a clue! I loved every second and, as per usual with one of their books, couldn't put it down until I was finished. Definitely a series for your library."

"Oh I just loved Jayce and Layla story!! They had been in love with each other for most of their lives but never admitted it to each other!! When they finally did they had such a connection that was so strong they knew they would be together forever!! I would recommend this book to everyone!! I just loved it!!"

"Welcome back to Providence University! Ooh... I just loved reading Jayce and Layla’s story!! It’s well written, interesting storytelling, great characters, lol humor, witty banter, chemistry that’s steamy, angsty, a friends to lovers romance that takes you on a journey to be proud of. Loved this series!"