Fan pricing ends soon for Ladies’ Man Exposed… – Ali Parker

Fan pricing ends soon for Ladies’ Man Exposed…

This week has flown by and that means that my fan pricing for Ladies' Man Exposed will be coming to an end soon. 

If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, my 99¢ sale ends tonight! Grab your copy now. 

A big thank you to everyone who read my sexy, new billionaire romance.

Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"Oh i just loved Sebastian and Melody story!! He was a lady's man and never saw the same woman twice but when he met Melody and she left him after one night he couldn't get her out of him mind and when he found her again he knew he would stop at nothing to have her in his life forever!! I would recommend this book to everyone!! It is a must read!!" 

"Ali Parker has whipped up a recipe with just the right amount of sugar, spice, and heat! Seeing Seb and Melody face off is like watching a tennis match between two friendly yet competitive opponents. They have push-me, pull-you seesaw motions as they jockey for positions, yet they also have a lot in common, particularly their loss of a parent and the close relationship with the one remaining. And, of course, there is the smoking hot sexual chemistry!"

"I loved reading this book. It made me smile and kept me reading.mi loved the relationship, the grumpiness and the banter, 5 stars. This story follows Sebastian and Melody. He co-owns a company with his friends in New York. They give marketing advice and trying to expand so they end up at an event trying to drum up business. Sebastian did not plan to hook up but once he saw Melody his mind was changed. This girl is fiesta and she acts emotionally more like a guy especially when he had planned out how he’d get rid,of her after their one night but she dumped him first by sneaking out. Yay girl! Loved this story."