Fall For Me Again – Ali Parker

Fall For Me Again

Love isn’t something I deserve. Not after everything I’ve done.

None of the women in my life were there for the right reasons.

Not my wife, who I married for convenience and to shut my father up.

And not the beautiful girl from my childhood that I used from time to time when it pleased me to do so.

Not a single one of them. I’ve burned so many bridges and broken far too many hearts.

And yet, fate has a way of f*cking with a fellow.

As CEO of my father’s billion-dollar publishing firm, I’m always looking for great writers, and a new one just showed up.

My high-school fling.

Not that I expected a warm reunion, but this delicious tart is having none of it. No matter what I do to push.

I’m a different man now, and I want a love affair to fulfill my life. The kind most people only dream of.

It’s the holiday season, and I have one wish.

To find the right woman for me and my son to spend our lives with.

Crazily enough, she’s sitting across the proverbial negotiating table, looking for a job.

Little does she know, she’s got the job, the ring, the future–if she wants it.

I just need to convince her to fall for me again.