Excerpt Time! Debt Collector… – Ali Parker

Excerpt Time! Debt Collector…

Release Day: Jan 30th

Coming Soon!


When she reached me, she removed her sunglasses and stuck out her hand.

“I’m Sophie,” she said simply.

I blinked. The green of her eyes was captivating, but I shook myself quickly. This wasn’t just a beautiful woman. This was the daughter of a thief. She was here to work for me, not seduce me.

“Glad you finally made it,” I said shortly.

“Am I late?” Sophie asked. She frowned, but I could tell she didn’t really care. Her anger toward me was evident.

“Almost,” I said. “This is Liam.”

I gestured beside me. Liam took a small step forward and took Sophie’s hand gently. He smiled at her kindly and she softened.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Sophie said.

“You as well, Miss Newman,” Liam said.

“Please,” Sophie said. “Call me Sophie.”

Liam nodded and smiled again. He released Sophie’s hand and moved back to my side. Sophie’s warmth toward Liam vanished when she turned her attention back to me. However unhappy I was with her and her father, she was equally as unhappy with me.

“Where should we get started?” Sophie asked bluntly.

“We don’t,” I said. “You’ll never work directly with me. Only trusted advisors have that privilege.”

“How exactly am I supposed to help you then?” Sophie asked.

“If you need anything from me, you’ll go through Liam,” I said. “Liam will assist with whatever you need. He’ll get you settled into your room and into your role at the company.”

Sophie eyed me closely as I spoke. She was disgusted by my behavior, but I didn’t care. She was here for one reason: to work.

“So, I’ll be working for you, but I’ll never speak to you?” Sophie asked boldly. “And you think this a professional way to run a business?”

“I’m sure you’re aware what your father did,” I said simply. “His actions prohibit you from questioning the way in which I do anything.”

“My father was…”

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