Dawson- Don’t Close Your Eyes – Ali Parker

Don't Close Your Eyes

I’m a country boy. We get messy for fun.

The good times are over, though. Hard work, long days, and the heat of the sun have calloused my hands and my heart.

My brother split, and my folks headed out for a trip, leaving me and my pup to manage the ranch. 

Between family coming to help, training the new guys, and dealing with a sexy little dog trainer my Pa hired, I’m going nuts.

I need to focus on the crops for next year, but the only thing on my mind is her. 

She’s everything I want in my life, but love is complicated. 

Any man would love to have this loudmouth, sexy little tart.

Especially me. 

I could use a safe place to land, but her daddy ain’t too keen on my father. 

There’s bad blood between our families. 

But that’s our fathers’ beef. Not ours. 

Regardless of why she’s here, this girl is after my heart, and she’s not shy about it. 

Time to show her who’s in charge of the ranch and her.

I am, and I’ll always be.

This is a stand-alone, full-sized novel in the Dawson Brother’s series. Each book will focus on a different guy in the family. HEA is guaranteed, no cheating or violence.