Dive in Deep Book 2 – Ali Parker

Dive In Deep #2

Tall, dark, and gorgeous with cobalt-blue eyes.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s the billionaire owner of the resort we’re staying at.

And all of it is just what I needed for my celebration weekend after graduating with my master’s. 

It’s our last girls’ weekend before my friends and I go our separate ways, and it’s going to happen with a bang. 

Literally. Hopefully. 

It would be a first. 

The desire was to keep things casual, but our connection is far too deep for that. 

Him being ex-military and me being an Army brat. 

The rules we each set up are shattered thanks to the raging passion between us. 

But eventually, I have to go home. 

What I never expected in a million years was that he might follow me. 

Enough swimming in the shallow end of the pool. 

We’re diving in deep.

This is book 2 in a 3 book series. You will have to read books 1 and 3 to complete the story.