Dawson- Walk The Line – Ali Parker

Walk The Line

A beautiful woman makes everything better.

Including me.

Living on a big ranch with a large family means working during the day and taking on side projects on the weekend.

And it’s my turn to help with the latest one. The house needs updating, and my sister wants an interior designer to help out.

I begrudgingly agree to help until the woman shows up.

Crazily enough, it's the pretty girl I kissed on the dance floor a few nights before.

The one that slapped me in the face and walked off.

I've always loved a good challenge.

Everything about her turns me on. But she’s not interested in bad cowboy types.

And my brothers and I are just that. At least, they are.

A nasty situation turns the pretty girl against me, and there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to get her back.

Time to dust off these boots and walk this line.

This woman is well worth the effort.

This is a stand-alone, full-sized novel in the Dawson Brother’s series. Each book will focus on a different guy in the family. HEA is guaranteed, no cheating or violence.