Check out the cover reveal, The Billionaire Offer – Ali Parker

Check out the cover reveal, The Billionaire Offer

In Too Deep continues with The Billionaire Offer. Check out the sexy cover reveal for Bart's love story. 


The woman of my dreams needs funding to reach her dreams—good thing I’m a billionaire.

Selling my company is the highlight of the year, but even better is seeing her again at a party. 

My best friend’s little sister. 

The girl looks so good, I have to control myself. 

She’s got a voice like an angel but hasn’t made it to the mountaintop yet. Seems it takes financing to get there. 

And she’s far too proud for charity. 

But with all of my recent wealth, I decide to do something to honor my dad.

A bucket list trip to do and see all of the things I want to experience before my time is up. 

There’s no one I would rather go with than her. 

So I create an offer she can’t refuse. 

Be my fake date for this whirlwind adventure, and in exchange, I’ll pay for your dream.

Her only requirement? That we don’t fall in love again.