Check out the cover reveal for Snake Eyes… – Ali Parker

Check out the cover reveal for Snake Eyes…

I'm excited to share the cover reveal for Snake Eyes! 


They want a better public image, and they choose me? Suckers.
But that’s what happens when your name gets dragged through the mud.
Thanks to the drama, Reno thinks the Devil’s Luck Motorcycle Club is a band of
They’re right and wrong.
Lucky for me, a hot little thing from the Sunrise Casino drops the perfect
opportunity into my lap.
That’s not the only thing I’m hoping lands in my lap.
Charity work? You gotta be shitting me.
But it looks like it just might work to get us into good graces with the place we call
And honestly, spending more time with her is at the top of my list.
The only catch to our long nights together is the secret she’s keeping from me.
A baby.
And here I thought I was the one rolling the dice.