Cover Reveal Oh So Hot Box Set Two – Ali Parker

Cover Reveal Oh So Hot Box Set Two

We have another HOT box set coming to you soon.

Check out the cover and blurb reveal for the Oh So Hot Box Set Two.


Three Parker Family Books for your reading pleasure...

My Secret Love Affair

A three-week affair and he was gone, leaving me with a gift. A baby.

This big handsome billionaire had no desire to play his family’s inheritance games. 

So he traveled instead, running from his old life from country to country.

In the process, he picked up photography, falling in love with images of little ones and beautiful women. 

You can’t take the playboy out of a Bancroft. 

After several years of him being gone, I forgave him. 

He didn’t know about me and our baby. 

But fate has a way of throwing lovers back in the arena again when the first time ended like fireworks drenched in rain. 

A terrible breakup sent me running to Bali for sunshine and freedom. 

And wouldn’t you know it? My handsome bad boy was there too. 

I’m not falling for him again, nor am I telling him about our kiddo. 

I built a life without him, a crappy one, but still…

Our secret love affair will stay just that—secret. 

Mr. Bossy Billionaire 

Tutus and leotards are not my thing. Hot ballerina teachers? Yes.

But as a single dad, I’m trying to embrace my daughter’s love for ballet.

It hasn’t been easy.

Until I meet her sexy dance teacher.

I’m all about embracing her and all her curves.

She might be soft in my hands, but she’s merciless as a teacher.

As a father, it’s my job to protect my daughter.

But as a man?

This teacher has me lying awake at night.

I’m willing to throw myself at her pretty pink ballet slippers to get what I want.

If only.

Things get complicated when money gets involved.

I thought I was doing the right thing by my girls.

But my ballerina might not be as graceful as she looks.

Either way.

She’s mine.

Spring it on Me

I’m not an easy guy to get along with. Or so I’ve been told. 

Something about over-domineering, alpha-hole, and rich rubs people the wrong way.

All good in the neighborhood. I’m not interested in relationships anyway. 

But unfortunately, thanks to my success, I need a new secretary. 

Or rather, I’m being forced to take on a new admin, and the conditions are clear—I’m not allowed to fire her for a year. 

Nothing like having rules sprung on you in your own company. 

So I hire a single mom with a pretty smile. Everyone likes her. 

Everyone but me. She’s got more fire than I expected. 

And no matter how abrasive or aloof I am, she presses harder against me. 

I’m falling for her stubborn nature and finding myself wanting to bend my rules of relationships to please her in any way I can. 

And then… she leaves. Quits without warning. 

Seems she has a secret.

One an orphan like me can’t swallow without choking. 

My baby.