Casanova Club #8- Cooper – Ali Parker



My journey with the Casanova Club has been full of wonder and magic and, dare I say, heartbreak.

More heartbreak than I ever imagined I could endure.

But here I am, suitcases packed, chin held high, ready to march into July to meet my next Bachelor.

Cooper Diaz.

He’s disgustingly handsome. Abs for days. A smolder worthy of every billboard in New York City. And a devilish grin that promises one thing:


Too bad he’s a complete jerk.

My first encounter with him at his beachside mansion in Nassau sends me reeling. I’ve dealt with my fair share of arrogant pretty boys, but Cooper puts them all to shame, and he’s a stark contrast to the gentlemen I’ve met prior to him on this journey.

It’s only a month.

I can survive a month without falling for his ‘charms’ and his it-must-be-painted-on six pack.


One thing is for certain.

I didn’t expect what I got from this bachelor. And I sure didn’t expect how our time together ended, either.