Last chance to grab Claimed For Good for 99¢ – Ali Parker

Last chance to grab Claimed For Good for 99¢

I'm so glad you guys have fallen in love with The Business of Love! Thank you so much, to everyone who Claimed For Good. 

If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, my 99¢ sale ends tonight! Grab your copy now. 

Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"I loved Grace and Davis, both as individual characters and as a couple. I also really liked the way the author handled some of the more negative aspects of our current social media culture. I'm not sure if there are more books yet to come in this series, but I really hope so because I am not at all ready to let go of these characters.”


"Davis and Grace what an amazing love story. This book was phenomenal an absolute must read. Ali has a way of holding your attention and keeping your hands glued to the pages.”

"Another winner from Ali Parker! Grace and Davis find their happily ever after while her friends are living their dreams. It isn’t necessary to read the previous books but would be helpful to keep up with all the friends. Loved it!”