Casanova Club #11- Christian – Ali Parker



Your girl can’t seem to catch a break.

Right when I start to get used to this new reality, where my parents aren’t talking to me and I’m falling in love with a new man every month, life pulls back its ugly fist and sucker punches me. 


I knew Dad was pushing himself too hard. I knew I should have been home to help
out at the restaurant and at home. But I wasn’t. I was with him.

Christian Peterson is not the man I expected him to be. He’s a tall dark and handsome Archaeology Professor at Harvard by day and a dashing gentleman by night. He exudes confidence and charisma and I’d be lying if I said he didn’t remind me of Indiana Jones.

But my heart is in New York City with my Dad in his hospital room. It’s all I can think about and it’s entirely out of my control.

Everything is out of my control these days.

I need Christian to save me this month.

Otherwise I might not be able to see this thing through to the end.