Chips Fall is a hit, but fan pricing is ending soon. – Ali Parker

Chips Fall is a hit, but fan pricing is ending soon.

Weston and I are so happy you have enjoyed the Devil's Luck series. Thank you to everyone who read Chips Fall. 

If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, my 99¢ sale ends tonight! Grab your copy now. 

Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"This book was one fantastic read that pulled me right in from the very beginning with the great plot that was well written and well planned and the characters were so well developed that I felt like I was looking through a window watching as the characters story came to life!"


"Ali Parker at her absolutely very best!!!!!! Loved Brody and Andy's Story!!!! Didn't want it to end, the chemistry between the two of just jumped off the page!!!!

I can't wait until they get Bates!!!!!!

Very Highly Recommended!!!!!!!

"Oh my goodness!! I absolutely loved Brody in the Devil’s MC series!! He was always one who just wanted to help everybody and not just because he is a doctor. But Brody and Andy together are just amazing!! His is so good and kind to her and just wanted to help and protect her from everything and sometimes from herself!! I would recommend this book to everyone!!