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Check out what people think…

Check out what people are saying about All Tied Up...

"All Tied Up. This was a really great book. I loved the characters. The story was written really well and had me feeling emotions for the characters. Kim tries her best to keep her secret crush on Rick a secret because she knew he was getting married to a real crazy woman. But when the ultimate happens life was going to change. Rick realized where his heart was and decided to go after her and keep her forever. This is a great series to read"

"Oh I just loved Rick and Kim and little Chessie story!! I was so happy Rick and Chessie found their happy ever after with Kim!! Kim is as so kind and she not only gave Rick the love and kindness he needed but his daughter Chessie got a mother she need!! This is a great story and I would recommend this book to everyone!!"

"Kim, wedding planner to the wealthy, was hired by Rick, billionaire CEO, to plan his fiancée’s dream wedding. As the story progresses true colors appear, a should to lean on is offered, and surviving the fallout is not a easy as it would appear. Ali Parker’s All Tied Up is an excellent billionaire romance read that will leave the reader guessing. I can’t wait to see who is next to fall prey to Ms. Parker’s twisted machinations in her Business of Love series."