Check out this Excerpt of Deepest Desire! – Ali Parker

Check out this Excerpt of Deepest Desire!

Release Date: Feb 6th


We talked about things that didn’t matter, only pausing when he thought he saw something of importance on the cameras. Every now and then, he did spot something, and he’d call to one of his security guys over the ear piece they all wore, and we would watch the team check out the situation to make sure everything was alright.

            It was during one of these conversations between Meek and his guard, Dennis that I spotted her.

            Her back was to one of the cameras, and she was in the lobby, presumably to check in. She was fourth or fifth in line and was accompanied by two other young women.

            Her hair was raven-black and long enough to touch her lower back. It was thick and shiny, shiny enough that the security cameras caught the shimmer in it every time she turned her head.

            She was wearing tight blue jeans that hugged her shape from hip to ankle, and a gray T-shirt and sneakers. The other two women she was with were dressed in vibrant colors and heels, but for some reason, she stood out more.

            The cameras were too grainy to make out her features, but somehow, I knew she was beautiful.

            “Greyson?” Meek called.

            I looked over at him. He was wearing an expression that suggested this was not the first time he had called my name. “Sorry?” I asked.

            “See something odd?” Meek asked.

            “Oh.” I shook my head. “No. Everything is fine. I saw this girl.” My eyes flicked back to the monitors.

            She was still there, chin tilted back as she admired the crystal fountain I had passed not even an hour earlier. I pointed her out to Meek.

            “Yeah, she’s all right,” Meek said, clearly not all that interested,

            “All right?” I asked incredulously.

            Meek shrugged. “Go down and introduce yourself. Tell her who you are. I’m sure she’ll throw down right away.”

            I scowled at my friend. I wasn’t looking to “throw down.” I also didn’t want to use my name to open certain doors for myself, especially where women were involved.

            As I continued to watch her in the camera and they inched closer to the check-in counter, one thing became increasingly obvious: I needed to meet that girl.

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