Chapter 1 of The Billionaire’s Wicked Virgin! – Ali Parker

Chapter 1 of The Billionaire’s Wicked Virgin!

Release Day: October 25th

Chapter 1


The Exchange was a four-level nightclub in Los Angeles; a place where people went to get drunk and to get laid, to forget real life. It was situated in the old stock exchange building and it pulsated with electronic music.

Joel and I were at the bar, ordering drinks. The dance floor was packed with bodies pressed against each other, moving to the beat of the music. The atmosphere was electric, humid, the way it got when too many bodies were crammed into a space and it was intoxicating. On a night like tonight there were a lot of women. I could have anyone of them. Most women here only wanted one thing and I would be more than happy to fuck them.

I was good looking, on top of my game and I had money to back me – a lot of it. It made me more confident in myself and that was all a woman wanted. Put a confident man with a good body and a lot of money in front of a woman and she is his for the night.

Joel and I were here to get some ass. I wasn’t in the mood for making a meaningful connection. If you loved someone, it just ended in pain.

Joel and I had been friends since college. We’d met at a frat party, hitting on the same woman. We’d taken it outside to fuck each other up and walked away as best friends. Life had gotten busy for the both of us but we still made time to meet up once a week for a drink or two to catch up. He’d been there for me through everything – fucking around, meeting Janine, the crash, and the funeral.

“So, where’s Kenna tonight?” Joel asked.

“She’s at my mom’s,” I said. I didn’t want to think about children and responsibility. I wanted to forget. It was easy to move on when I was busy, but when I came to a standstill, I still saw Janine in my mind’s eye. So, I had meaningless sex, fucked any woman that was willing, or drank myself into a stupor when I had a chance. To stop feeling.

Joel and I scanned the crowds. Women were scattered all over the place, moving their bodies to the music like they were already having sex along with drinking shots at the shooter bar like there was no tomorrow.

“What about them?” Joel asked, pointing towards the bar

I looked and my eyes fell on two women who had just joined the crowd at the bar. They were both beautiful, but the one was stunning. Here, women were hot, but this one was something else.

“Let’s do it,” I said, getting up.

Joel followed me toward them.

“Hello, ladies,” I said. They smiled. They were striking in very different ways. The one had a brunette bob and brilliant green eyes, the other long blonde wavy hair, bright blue eyes, and a smile that made me melt.

I held up my hand to her. “I’m Liam,” I said.

She took my hand and smiled. “Harper.”

Her friend introduced herself as Sierra, and Joel shook her hand. He would have to take Sierra because Harper was mine.

We bought them drinks and I studied Harper. She was beautiful, slender but with curves in all the right places; tits that filled out her little black dress perfectly, an ass that begged to be grabbed. She caught me staring and raised her eyebrows at me. I grinned at her. I wasn’t ashamed. I wasn’t going to apologize. She had a fucking hot body and I was going to appreciate the shit out of her.

God, I wanted to do a lot more to her than just buying a drink.

I watched her mouth when she spoke and laughed. Her lips were full, beautiful, with a slight pout. I could imagine my dick sliding in and out of those lips. When she looked at me her eyes were bright. Yeah, I would slide my dick in and out of her in a lot of ways.

As if she knew what I was thinking, she blushed. She looked a little uncomfortable. I liked them that way – pushing someone just beyond their comfort zone was what I did best.

We stood with them, talking, drinking for a while but I wanted a reason to touch her.

“Let’s go dance,” I suggested.

The women looked at each other again before they both nodded at me. Fine by me, if I got what I wanted.

Joel looked pleased. Together, we lead the women onto the dance floor and they moved to the music. We stood in their personal space, the only time we could do this without being rude.

Dancing always worked for me. The women would make all the moves and I would stand there, watching, the lucky bastard that got to grope a little.

Sierra rubbed her body up against Joel like she wanted more. Harper danced a few inches away from me, but I wasn’t going to miss out on the action. I moved closer to her, pressing my body against hers. She hesitated, looking over her shoulder at me but I put my hands on her hips and guided her to the music. Before long, she was grinding against me, too.

Her ass was fantastic. She rubbed herself against me and I grew hard. I pressed my cock against her. She didn’t back away from me. She had to feel my erection, there was no way she could ignore the monster in my pants. She kept grinding and I was going to give her more. I was going to give her all of it.

The music changed, the beat slowing down a little, and Sierra stepped closer to Joel. He was getting some tonight.

Harper turned around, pressing herself against me again. Her tits were just as delicious as her ass. They mashed against me and every part of them were real. It was a thing of beauty when the woman’s tits were real, being the size Harper’s were.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her tighter against me. Her face was only inches from mine, her scent in my nostrils – seductive. God, I could take her right now. I put my hand on her cheek, inching closer to her face.

I brushed my lips against hers, sliding my tongue into her mouth. She tasted like vanilla Chapstick and alcohol and it only fueled my lust for her. It helped that I was lightly buzzed already. Alcohol always helped along my mood. It sure as shit helped along my erection. The fucker was like steel in my pants.

I kissed her, tasting, exploring and she lifted her arms around my neck, kissing me right back. I ground my dick against her, holding her in place with my hands on her hips. She gasped.

I wanted to take this somewhere private. I was horny, eager to put my dick somewhere and I couldn’t think of a better place right now, than deep inside Harper tight little slit. She had to be wet for me. Sloppy wet.

“Come home with me,” I said with my forehead pressed against hers and my hand in her hair. We were both breathing hard. Harper swallowed hard but shook her head and took a step away from me.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m not that type of woman.” She stepped out of my arms completely, turning to her friend. What the fuck?

“Come on, Sierra,” she said. The two women exchanged words before Harper took Sierra’s hand and they walked away from us. Sierra looked over her shoulder at Joel, shrugging.

We watched them leave.

“Did she just cock block me?” Joel asked.

“Yeah, I think so. Apparently, asking her to come home with me had been the wrong move.”

She was a cock tease. Those were sent right from hell to torture men. You never stopped wanting them, but you never ended up getting anything. And crazy enough… I wanted her even more because of it. Ugh. Fuck me.

“Sorry, bro,” I said.

Joel shrugged. “I’m sure there’s more ass here. One’s as good as the next.”

I nodded. I was edgy as fuck, my pride bruised, and I still wanted to put my dick somewhere.

Joel and I went through the motions again, but my mind was on Harper. I was stunned. Rejection was a bitch, but from someone like Harper? It made me want her more.

Tomorrow, I was going to come right back to find her. I wasn’t sure of my odds but I had to try. Blonde hair, eyes like a Fall sky, curves that would make any man sit up and beg. A woman like that was worth pursuing until I got to fuck her. I wanted to claim her, to make her mine.

When I wanted something, I was going to get it, no matter what it took. And I just decided, I wanted Harper.

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