Chapter 1 of Mister Big Stuff Enjoy! – Ali Parker

Chapter 1 of Mister Big Stuff Enjoy!

Chapter 1


“You know what today is, right?” Greyson asked as he walked into my office.

He plopped down in the chair in front of my desk, and he straightened his tie as he crossed a leg over his knee, giving me a peek at his lame, argyle socks. Greyson was the only person I knew that could be a twelve-year-old kid one minute and my most trusted advisor the next.

“Another day I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing sitting behind this desk?” I shot back.

A grin curved his lips. “Well, sadly, that too. But no, I was referring to the fact that it’s your one-year anniversary. But since you mentioned it, it is kind of pathetic that I’m still training you.”

“You should be sitting here, and I should be somewhere over the Pacific.”

“Ah, here we go again. Talking about the shit that’s not going to change anytime soon.” He got to his feet just as quickly as he’d plopped into the chair and was back to straightening his fitted suit. “Come on, man. Let’s go grab dinner to celebrate. On me.”

The guy’s flair for fashion might have had me questioning his sexuality if I didn’t know his record with women. We’d been friends for most of our lives, and while I’d gone off to have a career in the Air Force, he’d stayed behind and went to work for my father, eventually becoming his right-hand man before my father passed away.

We left the office, and I insisted on driving. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, so I detoured us across town to my favorite bar in all of New York City.

Greyson grumbled beside me. “Oh, no. What the hell, man? I said dinner, not beer and nuts at this slop house. Let’s go uptown for a steak.”

“This place has amazing steaks and cold beer to wash it down. I’m not eating at one of those pretentious, over-priced, prissy-ass places you like. I don’t care about what kind of fucking marble they have on the floor; I care about what’s on my plate.”

“Fine, but let me just get my tetanus shot before going in, and my brass knuckles. You know I hate these kinds of places. I always have trouble.”

“You hate anyplace whose floor isn’t shiny enough to see your reflection.”

He shot me the finger. I loved to tease him about his clothes, when in fact, I wished I had half his style. Women ate it up.

“Relax, there are mirrors behind the bar, pretty boy,” I said. He was overreacting about the bar. It wasn’t one of his snooty upscale places, but it wasn’t the dive he made it out to be. There was good food, dancing, and best of all, beer.

He loosened his collar and mussed his hair. “You know, if you weren’t my boss, I’d punch you in the fucking teeth.”

“There’s my boy. That’s the man I’m having a fucking beer with. Remember when we used to pound them back?” He hadn’t liked to drink in years.

“I’ll get a drink, but I’m not pounding anything back. You know I don’t fucking do that anymore. Your old man used to rake me over the coals for showing up with a fucking hangover. He whipped my ass into shape.”

“Yeah, why do you think I chose the Air Force? I figured if I were going to have a man screaming in my face, I’d have it easier with a Drill Sergeant. Less emotional stress.”

“Ah, your strategy makes sense, finally.”

We went inside and grabbed a table in the back.

The waitress came over, and I ordered a beer and some fries. My eyes followed her ass as she walked away, and then I spotted a sexy little thing at the bar, looking my way across the dancefloor. She’d totally caught me gawking at the waitress’s ass, so I figured I might as well eye-fuck her. That earned me a smile.

Greyson wrinkled his nose in disgust. “You’re going to die young, eating that shit.”

“Would you lighten up before people think we’re married?”

“I will when you do.” His eyes met mine with a pointed glare.

I leaned back in my chair and spread my hands. “What’s that mean? I’m fine.”

“You’re still pouting about the fucking Air Force. I get it, you gave up your dream to come back here, but shit, have a little fun.”

“I’m having fun.”

“No, I’m not talking about that kind of fun, grandpa. I mean, that kind of fun.” His eyes turned to the woman at the bar. “You’ve got her attention, so ask her to dance. Get a little release so you’ll stop busting my balls.”

I was one step ahead of him, having eye-fucked her and all, but I knew that having her wasn’t going to make me complete. In my blood, I knew I needed more. But more wasn’t happening anytime soon.

The woman made eye contact again, and this time, I gestured to the dancefloor. She approached my table and leaned in, showing us her tits, which Greyson couldn’t peel his eyes away from. I chugged the rest of my beer, slammed the glass on the table, and looked at Greyson. “Have the fries. You know you want to.”

I grabbed the girl’s hand, and she spun around as I stood and led her to the dancefloor.

We got nice and close for a moment, and she whispered in my ear. “Are you better on your feet or off?”

She pressed against my leg as we moved around in a circle, grinding herself against me.

I looked deep into her eyes. “How about I take you back to my place and answer that question?”

“What about your friend? Did he need a ride?” She turned her eyes to Greyson who was already hitting on the young waitress and eating my fucking fries he’d bitched about so much.

“He’s a big boy. I’m sure he can find a way home.” I took her hand and led her over to the table, where Greyson was in the middle of feeding the waitress one of the fries and talking about her technique.

I tapped his shoulder. “I’m out. You going to be okay?”

“Have fun. I think Donna here is going to give me a ride. Then she’ll take me home.” Donna licked her lips, and the girls giggled.

When we got to the car, her eyes lit up. “I’m Hilde, by the way.”

She suddenly thought it mattered. It hadn’t until she realized I had money.

“Nice to meet you, Hilde,” I said, opening the car door for her. She took my hand, and I helped her inside.

I walked around the black Cobra and slid into the driver’s seat. “I’m David. How good are you with your mouth?”

I saw no reason to try and keep up the formalities. We weren’t here to have a conversation. She’d already made it clear she wanted me off my feet, and I was going to make every second of our time together count.

She adjusted in her seat and leaned her ample tits forward as an offering, but it was what she had between her legs that held my interest. I pulled out of the parking lot, one eye on the road and the other on the smooth skin peeking out from beneath her skirt.

I placed my hand on her thigh and stroked it between shifting gears. I pushed the Cobra up to a breakneck speed on the highway, heading toward my house. I slipped my hand between her thighs and stroked her through her soft, warm panties, which grew damp as I stroked my fingers across her pussy.

She moved in her seat to get closer and rubbed her hand over my cock, which was diamond-hard and begging for attention.

“Suck it, baby. Show me how good you are with that mouth.”

She gave me a bratty look. “Don’t come in my mouth, though. I’d hate to spit in your pretty car.”

I laughed at her threat. “Spitters are quitters, sweetheart. If you want yours, I suggest you swallow. But let’s see if you’ve got what it takes first.”

I wasn’t going to tell her that if she spits in my car, she could walk her ass home. Her eyes took on a sultry look, and she warmed up to the task of proving she had what it took to get me off. Hilde unfastened my pants, and my cock sprang out in front of her. Her eyes widened, and she inhaled a quick breath.

Her hand gripped my cock tighter, and then, she leaned over to work her pouty lips around my thick head. She moaned, and the vibrations made me even harder. She relaxed her throat to take me down.

I had to admit I was impressed by the depth of her committal. Her hot mouth worked my shaft enthusiastically. Her head bobbed up and down, sliding over the entire length of me. I groaned at the feeling.

I pulled into my driveway, and she backed off. I grinned at her. “I’ll give you an A for effort.”

She glared at me, not happy that I didn’t give her a reward. I’d learned to make her type feel like they had something to prove, and it had always paid off well for me.

I led her inside my house and into the bedroom. She wasted no time getting on her knees and sucking me down into her throat again. At this rate, I wasn’t going to have to work much, and sure enough, minutes later, I splashed her tongue with a bit of my salty pre-come, and she moaned. I knew my load wasn’t far behind, so I gripped her hair and held her down on my cock as I shot my hot streams into her throat.

She gulped it down like a good little girl and then gave me a pouty look as she pulled away.

“Is that all you’ve got? I want to get laid, David. I didn’t come all the way out here to suck you off.”

“Relax, princess. I didn’t bring you all the way home to dump a load in your throat, either.” That perked her right up, and I hadn’t noticed before how young she actually was. “How old are you, anyway?” She’d been in the bar, so I knew she was old enough to get in, but she couldn’t have been much older.

“Twenty-one,” she said with a smile.

I thought of all the things I’d been doing at her age, and I couldn’t judge. I brought her close and kissed her, tasting my release on her lips as she gripped my cock and stroked it.

I looked into her eyes. “Does that feel ready to you?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me.” She walked to the bed and stripped off her blouse, revealing her tits and her tiny little nipples.

“That’s the plan, but now I have to ask you, where do you want it.”

She bent over in front of me and braced herself against the bed. “Put it anywhere you want.”

I stepped up behind her and rubbed her pussy, which was already sopping wet, and then I fingered her tight asshole.

I grabbed a condom and sheathed my cock as I finger-fucked her ass. Then, I shoved my dick into her tight pussy and thrust hard. Almost immediately, her body tightened up around my cock, and her climax left her shaking all over.

She sagged against the bed, and I gripped her around her waist and held her to me as she moaned and squealed.

“Harder,” she begged. “Fuck me harder.”

I grabbed a handful of her hair in my fist, and her back curved, tilting her ass as I pulled out of her soaked pussy and pressed against her asshole. It took a while, but I got my thick head into the tight hole.

“Fuck yeah.” The greedy little slut was writhing beneath me, panting and squealing, pushing her ass back against me to get more. Once I reached a certain depth, her tight hold sucked me in, milking my cock.

She was purring like a kitten by the time I got all the way inside of her, and as she came, her release dripped down, splashing as my sac slapped against her.

“Give it to me!” She screamed out the demand, and I growled. She was going to get it, all right.

I yanked my cock out and ripped off the dirty condom, spinning her around and gripping her hair to pull her forward. “Suck me off.”

She smiled and took me back into her mouth. After a few pumps, I held her head firm and unloaded into her mouth. She gagged a little, but I fed her more cock, pushing it deeper as she fought the urge and swallowed down my thick, creamy load.

When we were done, she got dressed, and I called her a cab. She showed herself out and was gone. She’d been a real brat and not at all my type. I had gotten off, but it wasn’t the type of thing I wanted for the rest of my life.

Meaningless sex, no matter how much I came, would never be gratifying. I lay in my bed, too lazy to shower, and thought about what I really wanted for my life.

Every time, the fantasy was the same. I saw myself as a family man, particularly with a wife and daughter. Never a son. Perhaps it was the way I’d seen my father dote on my sister, and their special bond was what I wanted for myself. I let loose a sigh as the images in my mind faded away, and reality came into focus.

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