Chapter 1 of Mine For The Taking! – Ali Parker

Chapter 1 of Mine For The Taking!

Chapter 1



“So, what kind of wild night are you planning to kick off the weekend?” Mitchell asked Jay, sitting in the soft leather seat across from his antique desk. Every time he visited the office, he was reminded of the trouble they’d gone through to get the massive piece of furniture into the new building.

To Mitchell, it was just another piece of furniture, so he couldn’t understand why Jay refused to pick from the high-end catalogue provided by the interior designer. The hiring of an interior designer was unnecessary to him, so the thought of having a massive desk lifted through a window, just to avoid size limitations from even the bulk elevator, was nothing short of outrageous.

Like with most arguments, Jay prevailed, and seated behind his prized desk, Mitchell could now see how fitting it was. Jay was never one to back down from a fight, despite logic or rationale. Persuasion was a sport to him, and for as long as Mitchell knew him, he’d been a champion.

The two had met their freshman year in college, roommates by chance, but business partners by choice. Their first publishing house launched from the living room of an off campus two-bedroom apartment fifteen years ago. At just twenty years old, they had created the business that would catapult them to success neither ever imagined possible.

Despite the titles and corporate acknowledgement, Mitchell knew they were never equals. Jay was the boss, and while Mitchell added valuable insight behind the scenes, Passions Publishing was Jay’s brainchild.

“You’re never going to get enough of treating me like a frat boy, are you?” Jay chuckled, shaking his head. Mitchell never missed an opportunity to tease him about his playboy lifestyle.

Jay was known for his bachelor ways, but recently he’d slowed down on his nightlife, choosing to focus on his business, as competition seemed to be attacking from every angle.


“Well, I heard some talk of you going to check on the LA office, and I’ve seen the expense reports from those trips. Come on, you know I live vicariously through you,” Mitchell held his hands up, feigning innocence.

It was true. He did enjoy hearing all about Jay’s exploits, especially since he was married with children, living a life he thought too mundane for someone as outgoing as Jay. Since their party days as undergrads, Jay was always the life of the party. Once the business exploded, requiring new offices in Los Angeles and New York, Mitchell had feared he’d lose his best friend, but knew it would be best for their company. While they’d spoke about it several times, he never could quite understand Jay’s decision to remain in Saint Paul, as opposed to the big cities. Jay said he liked to visit them, and if he ever moved there, that would no longer be a possibility.

“No, I sent the head of marketing instead. What’s her name?” Jay answered while carefully sliding two manila folders into his briefcase.

“Marsha. She’s brilliant. I’m sure she’ll handle it. The numbers show everything on the rise,” Mitchell, said, rising to his feet as he picked up on the que that Jay was finally ready to walk out.

There were several childlike rituals the two shared, and walking out of work together was one. With no announcement, Mitchell would show up to Jay’s office at the end of the day, where the two would catch up on the business of the day before walking through the office waving at their employees.

“What about you and Kathy?” Jay finally asked Mitchell, as the elevator doors closed.

“Mitch has a soccer game tomorrow,” Mitchell answered, referring to his son with a gleam of pride in his eye.

“That sounds fun,” Jay answered, glad to see his friend so happy, but quietly wondering if a family could ever bring himself to feel such pride. He’d never been interested in a family, and despite the fact that many of his peers enjoyed families, he didn’t consider it a necessary component to a successful life.

“Yeah, it’ll be nice. So, you’re really staying in?”

“Why is that so shocking?” Jay teased, although he knew the answer. It was out of the norm for him to have no plans on a Friday night.

“If you have some time, look this over then,” Mitchell said, ignoring his friend’s question as he handed him a paperback book.

“Hmm,” Jay glanced at the cover—a woman in lingerie, a man’s hand on her midsection.

“It’s a new author I’ve been researching. I think she just might have something. I read it today, let me know what you think,” Mitchell added, just as the elevator doors opened.

“I’ll check it out,” Jay assured him, and the two shook hands before going their separate ways.

Unlike Jay, Mitchell drove himself to work, choosing not to even utilize the valet option. Jay, on the other hand, only drove for leisure, opting to be driven to and from the office.

“Mr. Canton,” the driver nodded towards Jay as he approached the black Mercedes-Benz Maybach.

“Hey, Danny. How are you?” Jay asked, while climbing into the backseat, half listening to the young man’s response.

He’d hired Danny as a favor to his father, effectively paying his college tuition, but this way he earned it. Most of Jay’s friends came from nothing, as he had, and although they had access to one of the wealthiest men in the state, they rarely tried taking advantage of him. He prided himself on weeding out the users in his life, but the main reason he didn’t deal with leeches was because anyone who knew him well enough to ask for a favor, knew he wasn’t the person you wanted to get one over on. Jay was a shark; a handsome shark no doubt, but a shark just the same.

“Where to, sir?” Danny asked, while glancing in the rearview mirror.

“Home,” Jay answered, absentmindedly.

He’d started reading the book Mitchell had recommended before they were out of the circular driveway in front of the Passions Publishing building. The first sentence drew him in, and he found himself so lost in the racy story, he didn’t realize they had made it to his mansion on the outskirts of the city until Danny opened the door.

“Will you be heading out again, sir?” he asked, as Jay stepped out of the luxury vehicle.

“No, you’re free to enjoy your night. And I should be fine for the weekend, so don’t worry about coming back until Monday.”

Danny nodded, keeping his eyes averted, hoping his boss didn’t see the excitement on his face. He loved his job, but he loved a free weekend even more.

Walking into his home always gave Jay an immense sense of pride. To the outsider, he appeared lucky, but Jay knew how hard he’d worked for everything he had. Nothing came easily, which made him appreciate everything all the more.

“Mr. Canton, your dinner is ready in the warming drawer. Shall I prepare it?” Laura asked. She’d been Jay’s housekeeper since he moved into this home, which was more like a castle, a decade ago.

“Yes, that will be fine,” he answered, a smirk covering his face as the heroine in the book made a bold move towards the love interest.

In a bit of a daze, he walked to the kitchen, dropping his briefcase on the end table in the foyer before washing his hands in the powder room. By the time he settled in his seat at the head of his large dining table, his dinner place was set—roasted chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus.

“You can go ahead and leave for the evening. Thank you, Laura,” Jay looked up from his book as he said her name. It was the first she’d seen his eyes since he arrived.

After enjoying his perfectly cooked meal, Jay took a long shower, his thoughts a bit clouded with the details of the book, something that rarely happened to him. After so many years in the business, it was easy to disconnect from fictional characters, unlike the captivated readers who’d made him a billionaire over the years.

Lying in bed, he glanced over at the book on his nightstand. It was already bent out of shape from his rough handling over the past few hours. Mitchell was right, the writer did have something, and after a quick debate, he agreed he could read a few more chapters.

Five hours later, he found himself in the same position. His right hand resting on his hard abdomen, while his left held the book he couldn’t bring himself to put down. With only a few pages left in the story, the sexual tension between the two lead characters was finally culminating in an explosive scene that prompted his hand to slowly drift lower.

Sliding beneath the elastic band of his boxers, Jay fisted his growing cock as he continued the salacious story, stroking his member with increased desire.

“Mmm—” he moaned, as the pleasure grew, his body thirsty for a release. Gripping his length tightly, he pulled and squeezed until his orgasm erupted with thick white semen oozing into his hand.

Finally, he put the book down to clean himself before returning to bed.

“Kasey Wright,” he read her name aloud. She was the agent who the author credited with her success. Jay had seen her name before, and made a note that he should learn more about her before drifting off to sleep.

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