Chapter 1 of Four Times THE PLEASURE! – Ali Parker

Chapter 1 of Four Times THE PLEASURE!

Release Date: Nov 15th


I looked over the menu as I waited for Natalia to show up at the restaurant. It was our traditional Sunday lunch, but she often got stuck at her gallery since she never took a day off. I tucked a strand of my thick blonde hair behind my ear, not upset in the least with her. The weather was perfect, and I was seated outside with a fresh margarita to enjoy. Nat would show up soon and we could talk about some new scheme that she’d come up with.

I decided on a salad for lunch and glanced up to see my best friend pushing through the door with a smile on her face. “I am so sorry. I got caught up on the phone with a new artist and he could talk!” She pushed her black bangs back and looked at my drink as she sighed. “I could sure use one of those.”

The waitress came out and Natalia ordered a drink and the same salad that I did, making us both laugh. “So, tell me about the meeting with the director of Christmas Wishes. Are you excited?”

I thought back to the meeting yesterday. It was Nat that heard about the show in the first place, since she knew a lot of people in Hollywood. It was like The Bachelor and themed around the upcoming holidays. I told Natalia that I would do it for fun, since the contestants on the show were normally hot. I was not afraid of sex and thought that I might find a new toy in the process.

I met Bret on the set as he explained the premise of the show. I was going to meet four men and have a date with each of them, all of which would be recorded for the show. There would be clips of all five of us describing ourselves and our wants and needs before that happened and in one week, I would be picking the one that I liked best. It seemed harmless enough and it was common knowledge that those didn’t work out to be successful relationships or marriages. It was just for the moment and Bret asked if I was ready to meet the men that I was going to be choosing from.

I agreed, and he called in the host of the show, a familiar and jovial man that I recognized from other shows. We sat down, and he charmed me into answering some questions about myself as I laughed easily at the jokes that he made. He winked at me as he announced that it was time to meet the men, inviting Gage out first. I took him in as he strode onto the stage and toward us with a hungry look in his eyes. Gage was gorgeous with dark features and a body to die for. I wasn’t surprised that he told Billy that he was a personal trainer for some of the stars once he’d kissed my cheek in greeting, his lips hot against my skin. Gage was clearly an alpha personality but that turned me on as I listened to his smooth voice.

This was going to be so much fun.

Jason was next, and I found him to be equally handsome. He was lighter skinned with light brown hair and mesmerizing hazel eyes that focused only on me as he pulled me into a hug. I wondered if all men in LA worked out as I took in his muscles. Billy asked about him and Jason admitted to being a director of independent films in Hollywood, some of which I recognized. He decided it was time to try dating, and if he found something serious, he was willing to settle down. He seemed too friendly and curious to know if we’d connect, since he claimed that it never happened for him in the past.

What the fuck was wrong with women if they weren’t chasing these men down? They were both so hot and I had two more to go!

I settled back in my chair as Hunter walked onto the stage, sensing his cockiness immediately. He took my hand, kissing it as he looked into my blue eyes with his own sapphire orbs that shimmered with confidence. Once he sat down, the interview began, and I learned that a friend dared him to be on the show. He wasn’t into serious relationships at this time and just kept things casual. He was slightly taller than the other two even though they were all very close to six feet tall, with gorgeous muscles and the dark hair and blue eyes combo that I loved so much. He answered every question with brashness and I smiled as he leaned back and smiled at me.

Zach was the last contestant but certainly not a disappointment compared to the others. He was tall and muscular with deep green eyes and dark blonde hair that was styled in that popular, tousled style that was popular these days. He looked more like a surfer than the others since they all had more cropped hair and his smile was crooked and gorgeous as he looked me over slowly while shaking my hand. It was simple, but it packed a lot of punch and I could see that there was a past in his eyes as he took his seat. He explained that he was a freelance writer here in the city and used his past as a muse for his own stories. He’d been through a lot though he didn’t detail what, making me curious as I leaned forward.

Billy looked at me and teased me about the tough choice that I’d be making in a matter of days as I laughed, feeling aroused by these men. They were gorgeous in different ways and I wondered if it would be slutty to sleep with them all on our dates. I knew that it happened in other shows and they wouldn’t be recording that. It would be private between the two of us.

We all stood, and I made my way to each man for another greeting. There were hugs, kisses on the cheek and hands that were all part of a blatant game of flirting. I got to know them each a bit more for the audience and knew that they liked me. There was no reason not to with my thick hair and big, blue eyes and curves that wouldn’t quit. I wore a clingy black dress tonight that showed off all my assets and I watched as they each looked me up and down. Billy gave us a few minutes to get acquainted and then stepped forward to ask who I wanted my first date with, making me smile. I personally wanted a date with all four of them right now, but I’d settle for one at a time. Judging from what I’d seen so far, they’d be very willing partners in my favorite activity.

“Well, we can go in the order that the guys were introduced. How does that sound?” I looked over at the group of hot men with a raised eyebrow, feeling my thighs clench with need. “Gage? You want to be the first?”

“I’d love that. What would you like to do?” His eyes were locked on mine as I considered the generous allowance the show was giving us for the date.

“I love that new seafood place on Melrose.” He nodded eagerly, and I smiled at him. I gave them all my number and got theirs in my phone, so we could chat about the upcoming dates.

I knew when I walked out that I’d try to seduce every damn one of them. They couldn’t resist me.

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