Chapter 1 Five Times THE JOY! HOTNESS! – Ali Parker

Chapter 1 Five Times THE JOY! HOTNESS!

Release day Nov 22nd

Chapter 1

I had worked on a lot of adult film sets before. The rules were all generally the same, the etiquette on set was usually the same, and people were all generally professional. Attitudes and demeanors varied at times, but once you were on set, everyone instantly had the same goals in mind.

             I didn’t go by a ‘porn name,’ I went by my given name: Paige Reynolds. I started in adult entertainment when I was twenty as a way to earn some extra money while I tried to make modeling my professional career.

            But, modeling still wasn’t paying all of the bills, and I had to go where the money was. Fortunately, over the four years I’d been at it, I had made some reliable and good contacts through the porn industry that I didn’t have to sell myself short.

            I knew the director, but I didn’t know the script. The scripts were always basic, but porn was supposed to be basic. I never had to bring anything to set other than my body and a willingness to do whatever was best for the production.

            I was a petite, curvy brunette with blue eyes. Since a lot of the girls that did porn in Miami were tall, leggy blondes, people would ask me to do shoots like this pretty frequently. I had been slightly reluctant at first, but I was talked into it by my best friend Karly (who incidentally was going to be the caterer for this shoot).

            Karly had done porn when she was younger, also to pay the bills while she worked towards a different goal. She had been going to culinary school, and she was a leggy blonde that was willing to film whatever it took to keep the rent paid. She worked as a waitress at a fancy restaurant in downtown Miami (where she always was able to hook me up with great, free food), but what she really wanted to do was prepare the food. Short films and adult films gave Karly the chance to get out of the restaurant every now and then. She hadn’t been in front of a camera in years, but she was happy to be in the background feeding the many hungry, horny mouths that frequented a porn shoot. She was also the one that initially encouraged me to try porn when my modeling work was going through a dry spell.

            I got onto the set and was surprised at the props and decorations. It looked like the North Pole, with enough fake snow and inappropriately designed Christmas decorations to convince the viewers they were entering another world. My eyes initially darted over to the long candy cane poles that were surely going to play pivotal roles in the scenes.

            I arrived for my first day of shooting the then unnamed ‘Christmas production’ and was told by Tanner, the director, what my role was going to be: a sexy elf.

            I’d been told beforehand that there would likely be more than one man filming my scenes with me, which didn’t bother me, as I’d done gang-bang scenes before.

            What I wasn’t told was how hot the guys were that I’d be working with.

            There were five of them altogether, and they were all playing Santa. None of them were fat, hairy or wanting to reward anyone for good behavior, though. They were all fit, muscular, and were some of the most attractive co-stars I’d ever had the pleasure of working with.

            They were all in their late 20s or early 30s. Their looks varied, but their builds were wonderfully similar, and their cocks were massive. Porn generally dictated that the dicks should be of considerable length, but even these five impressed me.

            There was Wyatt Graham. He had dark hair and dark eyes, and he was there for an escape from his normal life. Tanner told me, as I looked the men over, that Wyatt was an accountant, but had wanted to break into acting for a long time, and hoped that porn was going to be his chance. I was surprised that someone that was smart enough to be an accountant didn’t realize how dumb it was to assume that porn would lead to acting.

            Then, there was Eli Clarke. He was tan, with light brown hair and almond-colored eyes. He had some tattoos, although most of them wouldn’t be seen on camera. I had a feeling that he would be the roughest with me.

            Connor Rogers (or “Santa #3”, as he was named on the call sheet) was nearly as tan as Eli, but he had some freckles that were visible. He had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was the one that stared at me the longest while I received directions from Tanner. He was cute, but I was worried about him keeping things professional, at first.

            Cameron Davis had dark hair and beautiful green eyes. He seemed to look the most comfortable of all five of them, but I knew that looks could be deceiving. He also had a few tattoos, but only the one by his thigh was going to be visible on camera.

            And finally, there was the one that my eyes darted to the most, before and during the shoot: Nick Webster. Admittedly, I was the most attracted to him at first. He had short, dark hair, green eyes similar to Cameron’s, and he was the most built and had the largest cock. But, I knew that looks could be deceiving.

            Once introductions were complete, I was in my sexy elf costume, and they were in their Santa suits. All of the attire was loose, easily able to be removed or moved to reveal what the camera wanted to see.

            We filmed the first couple of scenes, which were nothing fancy. I was on my knees the whole time, and only my breasts were bare. Their suits stayed on, but their cocks were out. We all worked together splendidly, and we only had to do two takes of every scene at our fake North Pole.

When we were on break, I headed straight for the dressing room. It wasn’t that I was eager to run away or not speak with my fellow performers, but I liked to keep a separation at times. I’d been on some shoots where people misinterpreted things and feelings were hurt.

            My intentions didn’t matter though because I ran into Nick on my way to my dressing room. He had obviously sought to catch me.

            “Great work out there,” he said to me with a sly grin.

            “Right back at you,” I replied.

            “What are you gonna do on your break?” he asked. “Going out for a smoke?”

            “Nah, I don’t smoke,” I said. “Just going to look over the script and come out ready to go.”

            “You know, sometimes I’ve had days on shoots where I work around the clock,” he commented, leaning his strong arm against the door to my room. “You know what I’m saying?”

            “I think I know what you’re saying.”

            “I like to stay in character, you know?” he added, winking. “I’m a real method actor.”

            I laughed. “Is that your line to all the actresses?”

            “Yeah,” he admitted unashamedly.

            “How often does it get you laid away from the cameras?”

            “More often than you’d probably guess,” he said. “I was wondering if maybe you’d want me to walk you to your dressing room.”

            “You mean, the dressing room we’re standing outside of right now?”

            “Well- hey, you never know who you might run into. I’m just trying to be a gentleman. You could show me around in there, give me a tour.”

            I was turned off at his unprofessionalism, but his bluntness and shameless flirting, admittedly, turned me on.

            “I guess I could show you around a little bit,” I consented, opening the door and letting him walk inside first. I liked looking at his ass and hadn’t gotten to see as much of it as I’d wanted.

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