Change My Mind fan pricing ends at midnight – Ali Parker

Change My Mind fan pricing ends at midnight

I'm so glad you are loving Change My Mind. In case you haven't purchased it yet, the sale will end tonight at midnight.

Check out some 5 star reviews from Amazon...

"Ali Parker's Change My Mind is a lovely second chance, best friend's brother romance read."
"I would recommend this book to everyone!"
"Oh I just loved Chase and Harper story!! I love second chance romance!!"
"The imaginative and inventive characters kept me engaged while the steamy scenes enhanced the story without overshadowing plot."
"The characters are well-developed, have lots of chemistry. And all the angsty drama leads to a happily ever after. Would I recommend it: Yes!"
"This is another amazing book from this author. Page turner!"
"This is a fabulous story! It has more to it than just hot romance. Chase and Harper find the path back to each other. The path was a little bumpy but true love wins in the end!"
"Loved this story of second chances. Really enjoyed reading this book."