Casanova Club Books 6-10 – Ali Parker

The Casanova Club


Twelve men. One month with each of them. A ring at the end or $1M. Who will she choose? One of them or the money?

Five books for your reading pleasure...

Jeremiah - The Logger

Time is literally slipping through my fingers, and so is my sanity.
I can’t come to terms with the fact that I’m about to dive in head first with another Casanova Bachelor.
Jeremiah Edwards.
He’s a big, rough and tough. His hands are as strong as his will and as the first couple of days in his company slip by I realize something terrible: I like him. A lot.
Jeremiah is as charming as the men who came before him in this year long dating escapade, and damn him for it.
I wish I could keep him at arm’s length. Especially since the Memorial Day party is looming over my head.
At the end of the month I’ll be in a room with all the Casanova Bachelors. Just little old me and twelve of them.
Nervous isn’t the right word to sum up how I feel about it all.
And the man I thought I would go to for comfort may not be who I end up leaning on when the time comes.
If there was ever a time for a breakdown, it’s now.
At least Jeremiah has big strong hands to put me back together.

Aaron - The Author

Here we are. The halfway mark.
Halfway to what, you might ask?
Well, halfway to me blindsiding twelve amazing men all to get my hands on a decent chunk of cash, of course.
I’m messing with the lives of twelve men who are in this to find their wife. Not to be jerked around by a selfish woman with a secret mission.
Aaron Morris is the sixth bachelor who receives me on his doorstep when I’m too spent to take another plunge into love. Love. Money. Secrets.
Even though we’re already halfway through I feel like there is still so much to go.
And I’m scared that I won’t be able to handle it.

Cooper - The Diver

My journey with the Casanova Club has been full of wonder and magic and, dare I say, heartbreak.
More heartbreak than I ever imagined I could endure.
But here I am, suitcases packed, chin held high, ready to march into July to meet my next Bachelor.
Cooper Diaz.
He’s disgustingly handsome. Abs for days. A smolder worthy of every billboard in New York City. And a devilish grin that promises one thing: Mayhem.
Too bad he’s a complete jerk.
It’s only a month.
I can survive a month without falling for his ‘charms’ and his it-must-be-painted-on six pack.
I didn’t expect what I got from this bachelor. And I sure didn’t expect how our time together ended, either.

Levi - The Musician

The rock star all the girls want to be with and men want to be. He’s rugged, sexy, dangerous, and more than a little broken.
And he’s all mine for the month of August.
I didn’t expect the month to go like this. Although I should have seen some of it coming. Levi is an open book with more than his fair share of faults, but as time passes and I begin to see the depths of his soul I realize he’s desperately searching for something real. Something honest.
But he deserves better than a girl who’s only dating him to collect the big pay day at the end of the year. My parents are furious with me. The restaurant is going under. All I need is to get through a few more months of this vicious cycle of heartbreak and then I can put the Casanova Club behind me for good.
And Levi, too.
If I can.

Asher - The Prince

He’s dashingly handsome and more charming than any man has a right to be.
The catch? He’s a royal. Yes. You heard me. Royal.
Now I know he’s not Queen of England level royal, but his family seems to think he is, and from where I’m standing he might as well be. He has plans to take me to a masquerade ball this month.
I expected the glamorous parties and lavish gowns. I even expected the sophisticated class of London herself.
However, I did not expect to have feelings for yet another man.
But here I am, halfway across the world.