Casanova Club Books 11-15 – Ali Parker

The Casanova Club


Twelve men. One month with each of them. A ring at the end or $1M. Who will she choose? One of them or the money?

Christian - The Professor

Right when I start to get used to this new reality, where my parents aren’t talking to me and I’m falling in love with a new man every month, life pulls back its ugly fist and sucker punches me.
Christian Peterson is not the man I expected him to be. He’s a tall dark and handsome Archaeology Professor at Harvard by day and a dashing gentleman by night. He exudes confidence and charisma and I’d be lying if I said he didn’t remind me of Indiana Jones.
But my heart is in New York City with my Dad in his hospital room. 
I need Christian to save me this month.
Otherwise I might not be able to see this thing through to the end.

Max - The CEO

It’s the eleventh month of the year. After this I only have to get through one more bachelor; one more test of the strength of my heart and will.
But first I have this new bachelor to contend with: Max Fisher.
At first I thought spending November with the CEO of a massive tech company would be an easy one. He’d spend all his time at work and we wouldn’t have time to fall for each other. 
Max Fisher has more up his sleeve than he lets on.
At the end of December I will be a million dollars richer. I will choose the money over love as I promised my parents I would.
And the men who made me into a better woman will hate me for my betrayal.

Camden - The Advisor

Twelve months ago I won a shot at love.
I didn’t want it back then. I wanted the money instead. So long as I didn’t fall in love, it was mine.
Now I’m starting my final month of the year with the final bachelor in the Casanova Club: Camden Wood.
He’s cool and collected and significantly older than me. We have nothing in common and I feel like a bird trapped in his luxurious high rise in the middle of New York City. Christmas is all around us but it hasn’t touched his home. There is a darkness around his heart and this holiday, and maybe the best thing I can do for him is show him that Christmas can be something more. Something magical.
Then again my efforts might be wasted once I betray him at the end of the month and choose the money over love.
But it’s the least I can do for the last man in line before this year is over. Camden deserves better than this. They all do.
At least it will all be over soon.

The Wedding 

It’s always been him.
Even when I was buried so deep beneath the guilt and the obligation of being the Casanova Girl, it was always him. And now, twelve months after I started this journey of love and friendship and goodbyes, I can finally look him in the eyes on our wedding day and say the words I never thought I’d be lucky enough to say.
I do.
There is still much to settle. Weddings are complicated business, but complicated has never stood in my way before. 
But back here, on the Texas soil, with my cowboy by my side, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.
And so is he.


Love will find you when you least expect it.
I can’t count how many times people have said those words to me, but I’ve never believed them.
Maybe that’s because I found love once and it broke me when I lost it. I watched my best friend fall in love with a cowboy last year.
She took charge of her life, found what she wanted, and went for it. And damn if I can’t shake Piper’s ex, Max Fisher, from my mind.
Distance ruined us but love kept us tethered together somehow. When I call him from my bathtub drowning in my sorrows and self-pity, he throws me a curveball. 
I want him more than I’ve wanted anything before. The catch is, there’s a crazy woman in his life who wants him just as much as I do.
Well, she’s going to have a fight on her hands because this billionaire is mine.