Casanova Club #19 – Avery – Ali Parker



The single life suits me fine. Always has. My business takes up most of my time and I’m okay with that.

My business partner, however? He’s not so keen on my soulmate being my job.

He sets me up with an online dating profile that puts me in the line of fire when it comes to dating material. At the same time, my childhood best friend moves back to the city and gets a job at my firm. She’s looking for her someone special, too.

So we make a deal.

We both need dates, and we need them quickly.

Right when I think I’m getting into the swing of this whole dating thing, one of the girls I’m seeing throws me a curveball—she thinks I should date my best friend instead. And now I can’t get her out of my head.

I’ve been in love before with a dark-haired girl with red lips, and I never thought I’d get that lucky twice. But crazier things have happened, and after everything I learned from Piper, I’m not about to sit this ride out.

We owe ourselves this chance.

This is a stand-alone, ending with a HEA.